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The Maize Page

Corn-Based Prodcuts on the Web!

NOTE! Our listing of the products and web sites below does not constitute endorsement by Iowa State University nor the Iowa State University Agronomy Department. We provide this compilation strictly for your private benefit and use.

Cooking Post for Native American Foods. Enjoy Native American foods, such as blue corn meal, posole corn, parched corn and corn bread mix, selected by the Cooking Post, and shipped directly to your home from the tribes that produce them! A business of the Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico.

Most Americans perceive their only direct contact with corn through popcorn, cornflakes, sweetcorn and the quintessential snack: corn chips. Visit the Frito Lay company's Corn Chip Page (yes!), and read a fascinating history of the product. Also check their Doritos Page

Corn Growers Associations:

Corn Poppers LLC. For corn popping action on-line visit this site and peruse their line of exotic gourmet popcorn flavors.

Corn Refiners Association, Inc. is the national trade group representing the corn wet milling industry in the United States. Their site includes useful statistics, information about and links to member industries and publication and conference information.

The ExSeed Genetics L. L. C. site provides information on "how plant genetics will change the future of farming."

Gary's Original Soft Caramel Corn. From a family recipe...

The Kellogg Company, official corporate headquarters of the Battle Creek, Michigan, cereal giant which put corn on all our breakfast tables. See their product line and Financial Center data. Kids can enjoy themselves in the Kellogg's Planet Cereal City.

Myers' Gourmet Popcorn, available in flavors and delivered in decorator tins!

Shepherd Popcorn, Working in harmony with the soil, sun and rain this product was developed by a midwestern seed farmer whose ancestors planted popcorn a century ago

Japan Corn Starch Co., Ltd., the primary supplier of corn starch in Japan

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