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The Maize Page

Are there computer simulation models of the maize crop?

Yes, there are several. The best known of them is CERES-Maize, developed by Dr. J. T. Ritchie of Michigan State University. The model explicitly simulates:
  • Grain yield
  • Biomass
  • Season length
  • Nitrogen use
  • Evapotranspiration
  • Irrigation
  • Soil water
  • Soil, organic matter, nitrogen

In response to both weather and soil parameters and the following management factors:

  • Crop variety
  • Planting date
  • Plant population
  • Row spacing
  • Irrigation
  • N fertilizer
  • Crop residue

Input data sets must contain detailed daily meteorological and soil information. The model is available as part of the International Benchmark Sites Network for Agrotechnology Transfer Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer. The software includes 14 other crop models and provides for management of input and output data sets, graphical and tabular display of results, and allows users to create various scenarios for simulation.

Other less comprehensive models exist, however, and may be useful for restricted uses depending on user needs. To search for currently available and maintained crop models, search the Ecological Modelling Server of the University of Kassel (Germany). A search executed on 2 October 1998 yielded the following results:

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Result of query :

List of keywords : maize
List of model-types:
Medium : all
Subject: all
6 models found
Crop Environment Resource Synthesis
Mulch Application Simulation to Quench Unchecked Erosion
Quick Basic - Maize
SHIELD 1.0 - Simulation of Hedgerows Intervention against Erosion and Land Degradation.
Soil WAter and CROP production model

Ricardo J. Salvador

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