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Six nations (USA, China, Brazil, Mexico, France, Argentina) produce 75% of the world's maize supply. The USA alone produces 39% of the total. Six states within the USA (Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, Indiana and Ohio) account for 82% of this production. Iowa leads the group with 22% of total national production (which is 8.5% of total world production, approximately the total production of Mexico, France and Argentina put together). The current yield record is held by Illinois farmer Herman Warsaw, who in 1985 produced 23.5 t/ha (370 bu/A) on an 8 ha (20 A) field outside of Saybrook under rainfed conditions (607mm or 24 inches). He used high inputs of fertilizer and manure, reduced tillage, deep chisel plowing and the stay-green cultivar FS-854 planted at 92,500 seeds/ha (37,000 seeds/A).
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A Maize Kernel Purdue University's Bob Nielsen has lovingly compiled a Corn Growers Guidebook, providing a list of resources, information and people with expertise in corn production. This is THE on-line source for up-to-the-minute knowledge about corn production in the corn belt. DON'T pass it up!

A Maize KernelNational Corn Production Handbook. A collection of guide sheets covering all facets of corn production, compiled from writings of foremost corn extension specialists from across the United States and made available on-line by Bob Nielsen and the good folk from Purdue University's Agricultural Communications

A Maize KernelTo receive the most current information on emerging issues and production practices for corn (and other crops) in the midwest, subscribe to Iowa State University's Integrated Crop Management Newsletter. Coverage includes degree days, weather outlook, weed, disease and insect pests, soil management and fertilizer issues. An online archive of previous issues is maintained by ISU's Entomology Department.

A Maize Kernel From the Iowa State University Extension Service (NOTE: The following are fully-formatted, downloadable publications in PDF format. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Plug-in for your browser to read the documents. If you do not have this software please visit our PDF help page first!

Integrated Crop Management Nitrogen Recommendations Series


A Maize Kernel A treasure trove of corn production Fact Sheets from Ohio State University's Agricultural Extension Web Server. Topics range from pest troubleshooting to replanting decisions

A Maize Kernel From the University of Nebraska's Institute for Agricultural and Natural Resources:

A Maize Kernel From the University of Florida:

A Maize Kernel Corn Agronomy Resources for Wisconsin. A clearing house for corn information, consisting of web pages written by University of Wisconsin research and extension faculty, as well as by other university and industry agronomists

A Maize Kernel Sweet Corn Production, a technical fact sheet from North Carolina State University

A Maize Kernel Production guide for supersweet corn developed by New Zealand Crop and Food Research Ltd.

A Maize Kernel Baby corn production, harvest and processing, from Washington State University Agricultural Systems. This comprehensive, illustrated guide includes variety trial and seed source information. See also Cultivation of baby corn and its uses, from the India Information Business Line.




  • Asgrow Seed Technology Site, including information about Asgrow products, trials at their Concept Farms, management tips, disease scouting information, and their seed information system, a tool for selecting cultivars.
  • Cargill Hybrid Seeds Online, see listings of the full product line and use the hybrid comparator to see how Cargill hybrids have performed against the competition in your area.
  • Dekalb Genetics, information on the availability of Roundup Ready corn, agronomic strategies, company news, annual reports and capability to submit information requests.
  • ExSeed Genetics LLC Forecaster Newsletter, from the global supplier of genetic performance traits in grains to the end use marketplace.
  • Garst Seed Company, featuring information on their Bt hybrids.
  • Hoegemeyer Hybrids, Nebraska seed company known for its stress-resistant hybrids. Check their Bt and Roundup-Ready hybrids for 1999.
  • Monsanto's Roundup-Ready Corn Page provides information about the technology, a user's guide, and the company's answers to frequently asked questions about seed availability, the technology fee, and the impact of their product on farming and the environment...
  • Mycogen Seeds, featuring information on their conventional and Bt hybrids, together with agronomic data, tailored to specific states and counties.
  • NetSeeds Inc., an Iowa-based company that provides high quality seed corn at wholesale pricing, marketed through the Internet directly to the farmer. Serving Iowa, Illinois and eastern nebraska.
  • Novartis "Cob Web," the online home of NK® seeds brought to you by Novarits Seeds, Inc. (formed by the merger of Northrup King Co. and Ciba Seeds)."The place for timely, interactive agronomic information, online guides and tools for decision-making on your farm."
  • Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. Information taylored for farm operators, ag consultants, investors, media and potential employees. Farmers and consultants can obtain regional listings of grain corn and specialty corn numbers. The USA Research and Technology section offers specific information on a range of topics, including Precision Farming, High Oil Corn, and herbicide and insect resistance issues
  • Wyffels Hybrids, Inc., featuring an on-line product guide, yellow dent hybrid selector and information on their unique high-yielding, high-oil materials.


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